Anymo Essential

The name Anymo Essential is used as something that carries aesthetic interest visually, even before it is used. Pioneered by Raka Shiddiq, before releasing Anymo, Raka has been studying autodidact design and making since 2001 as his main passion. But encounter with the first luthier in Indonesia named Ki Anong Naini strengthens the foundations of Raka’s science on traditional acoustic guitar design, as well as strengthening Raka’s determination to further research the guitar as a progressive musical instrument that can be known as the original design of Indonesia, without forgetting the main essence of the guitar and its long history .

Before starting Anymo, Raka was first known for its brand IMP Guitarworks and Impera Guitar Co. which began in 2007 for custom acoustic and electric orders. But Raka has one main vision that is always poured on every guitar product he makes: focus on the originality of a typical progressive design, and bring it to the map of the instrument of the world musical instrument. Raka also has special attention to environmental issues, especially sustainable development .